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Dear Friends:

My background research for this book really began back in 1984 when I first visited Scotland and learned more about my Corrie relatives. In the book I go back to the earliest of my Corrie family that I could authenticate. I found William Corrie, born in the 1600s. In the book you can see his small stone farmhouse on the outskirts of the Scottish town of Clunie. Among the people you will meet is his grandson, "Obstinate" Adam Corrie, who eventually lost the Clunie farm.

The struggles of the Corrie family in Scotland and the eventual migration of some of the family to near London tells how they prospered and earned much of their wealth.

The journeys of three of the Corrie brothers to America, including their preparations, their experiences sailing across the sea and then floating down the Ohio River, are all vital, historically accurate chapters in this book. Their struggles, their joys, their illnesses and deaths are all a part of this family story. I have tried to tell their adventures as accurately as I have been able to discover in my research.

Along the way I learned a great deal about genealogy and how to do it well. Each chapter in the book includes tips on how to conduct interesting and worthwhile research on branches of your own family. The book also includes historic recipes for meals savored by my Corrie ancestors in the British Isles and the American Midwest.

Most of all, this book is an adventure. I went searching for my great-great-grandfather William and, just like any mystery story, I had to find the pieces and fit them together to form a complete picture. I invite you to come join me as I recount my adventure.


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Evelyn Corrie Birkby

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