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Evelyn in the "Evelyn Room,"
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Newspaper and Magazine Columns

Evelyn has written for a variety of magazines and newspapers over the past five decades.

Evelyn started writing a weekly newspaper column for the Shenandoah (Iowa) Evening Sentinel in 1949. The Sentinel eventually became the Valleys News Today and Evelyn continues to write for this newspaper. She has written her newspaper column every week, without fail, for over 60 years. Evelyn also wrote monthly columns for Kitchen-Klatter Magazine for almost 30 years.

Links to Evelyn's newspaper and magazine columns and archives:

Evelyn's current weekly newspaper columns

Evelyn's archived weekly newspaper columns
(1949 to 2014)

Evelyn's monthly Kitchen-Klatter Magazine columns
(samples from 1958)

Evelyn’s Faith Journey
Several weeks ago I wrote about the early years of my faith journey, from my earliest memories of church to my years in grade school.

Virginia’s Pork Chops
On my bookshelf is a copy of the October, 2010, Saveur magazine, a publication of gourmet cooking and fine dining. The photograph filling the cover is of Iowa pork chops prepared with a special glaze. “25 Greatest Meals Ever,” reads one headline. “Insanely Delicious Barbecue Pork Chops,” says another.

Memories of Church
With Easter just passed, I have been thinking about faith. My first memories of church were in Dexter, Iowa, where we lived when I was six years old. My father was the minister, so naturally, our family went to every church service.

Skiing Fun in Europe
My sons Craig and Bob just returned from skiing in Europe. I’ve asked Bob to write a column about their trip to share some adventures and perhaps even a recipe. Here it is.

Evelyn’s College Story
I was going through some boxes the other day when I ran across a paper I thought was long lost. It was my college diploma, and it brought back a flood of memories.

Thinking Positively
My friend Cissy Voyles says I am happy every day. It makes her wonder if I have a secret.

Goodbye, Walter Birkby
We just received word that our distant relative, Walter Birkby, has passed away. I only met him once, but I enjoyed his cheerful spirit and inquisitive nature. For someone so involved in life, it is curious that he was famous among certain scientists across America as “Dr. Death.”

Evelyn's Love of Music
After writing last week about pianists Adam Swanson and Marty Mincer, my mind has been on music. In fact, I have CDs from these two amazing pianists that I play often as I write. Their music keeps me energized, so that is the first of a number of reasons music is important to me--it helps me write.

Marty and Adam, What a Pair
It would be amazing enough if Southwest Iowa had produced one world champion ragtime pianist. In fact we can boast of two — Marty Mincer and Adam Swanson. Their talent is amazing, and they are known throughout the nation and overseas as well. I’m pleased to say I recently visited with both of them.

What an Unusual Winter
We have been having a most unusual winter, though I’m not sure why anybody is surprised to find cold weather in Iowa in February. Of the 95 winters I have known, some have been colder than others. Some have had lots of snow, while others had very little. If February is too mild and dry, I become concerned. So I am actually all right with the frigid, snowy winter we have been having.

The Art of Mending Clothes
Does anyone mend clothing anymore?

Remembering Agnes
When my family moved to Sidney in 1935, there was a popular radio character named Seth Parker. He was played by Phillip Lord who used his memories of his backwoods preacher grandfather to write radio programs full of fun, music, and an occasional sermon.

Everyone Has a Story
Everyone has a story. For many years I have encouraged people to write down some of their stories. It is a wonderful way to reflect on what has been important in life, and to share with friends and family.

Evelyn's archived weekly newspaper columns from 1949 through 2005 at the
University of Iowa Digital Library (keyword searchable)

A sample of Evelyn's monthly columns for Kitchen-Klatter Magazine from 1958.

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